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Launch of A Dark Winter’s Tale

Posted in Uncategorized by iotakemura on December 6, 2008

there is a night of launch party at Popup shop near brick lane on 11th Dec!!! here is the detail

popupshop is a treasure trove filled with delights from around the globe; here we deliver our vision of the perfect Living Room under lights. Discover bespoke treasures, limited edition domestic art and illustrations, one-off jewels, tasty morsels, luxury leather smalls, customised furniture pieces and popupshop’s own branded product, all in unity under the theme of A Dark Winter’s Tale.
Highlights include hand-poured candles in 1940’s crystal ice-buckets, super-sized hand beaded amulets, celosias potted in giant recycled Moroccan tyre pots, antique African masks and floor cushions crafted from 1950’s American patchwork quilts. (See image sheet for visuals; please email for high resolution files)
Because anything that works well once works well twice, many items are sold as pairs, so buyers will also find duplicate Mao figurines, 1960’s hand-blown glass goblets and reclaimed popupshop Danish teak chairs.
In conjunction with East End charity Kids Company, popupshop will also sell a range of ceramic plates, painted by children Kids Company supports, with profits returned to the organisation. Kids Company works to keep disadvantaged and abused children off the streets and runs programmes to further their education. popupshop held a two-day workshop with 100 children, encouraging them to paint their Interpretation of
A Dark Winter’s Tale on reclaimed Old English plates of various sizes. Prices start at £15 (

the address is 14 Bacon Street (just off Brick Lane) E1 6LF



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