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i got this forwarded by the designer i know, kirsty kirkpatrick. she makes great eco accessories. i owns few of her stuff and every time i wear her jewelry, someone will comment on it. all of her jewelry are ade out of recycled materials.

here is little bit of her on green my style .com

green mystyle


Beyond Skin

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i dont know why but i recently becoming shoes lover person. i thought i loved bag more than shoes…

anyway yes so good news for me! Beyond Skin is now doing Fab SALE!!! everything from AW08 collections are on sale for 50% off!!!

here is some bits of what is beyond skin is all about!

beyond skin

Beyond Skin is an exclusive ethical footwear label producing beautiful, classic, hand-made shoes. Founded in 2001, Beyond Skin was created in response to the challenging predicament of combining style and fashion with a cruelty-free lifestyle. In the past, attempts to combine fashion and ethics have generally resulted in one side of the equation being sacrificed. Beyond Skin has produced a classic – yet unique – collection of vegetarian/vegan shoes that are produced in a manner that is non-exploitative to animals or humans and – wherever possible – the greater environment.

picture-5beyond skinbeyond skinbeyond skin

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i have known Christopher Raeburn quiet sometime now, it is good to see him getting a lot of press these days. he will be showing his collection at Estetica this coming LFW. he has unique individual style on his collection. i think no one else in ethical fashion has done that sporty / elegant look. his clothes are active and street but yet smart. i love the fact all recycled!!

love his clothes and his personality. it always helps for me to come back to designers, use their stuff again for the shoot.

i have attached some of what i have been shooting with his clothes by end of this blog. i am sure i will come back to him once he has brand new collection!

good luck chris!



LCF futuring the Fashion show

diva magazine

fashion iotakemuraDiva magazine

social website for Ethical Fashion

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Ethical Fashion Forum has created social website for more people get involved in ethical fashion and share idea towards sustainable fashion!!
what a great idea! of course i am a member of this social website. click here to see my page!
it has just launched last night so be first to get involved in this new website!!



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this shoot was taken especially for a magazine but somehow editor decided to change her mind so it wont be in the mag anymore so i am showing these images here…

io takemura kimonoio takemura kimonoio takemura kimonoio takemura kimonoio takemura kimono

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fashion grave yard 2fashion grave yard 3

Shibuya University シブヤ大学

Posted in creative, event, press by iotakemura on December 20, 2008

my film ‘fast fashion and slow fashion’ was showed in an even in Tokyo in Japan!

how exciting!

it was an event that organised by NGO, called ‘mending’ at Shibuya Univerisity and to make people more aware of mending option in their life. and this perticular event was for Clothes. Shibuya university is not an university, it is a association which organise/ hold some events for eco society in Shibuya in Tokyo but they take both idea of university where people learn and shibuya where all the trends and phenomenons are happening.

that is how my film was fit very well to show the concept of the event.

it was a work shop that 30 people who were chosen to be, went along the shops which does recycling or mending clothes.

shibuya university 1shibuya university 2









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Eco Christmas Shopping!!

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if you are looking for xmas presents for your love ones. why not try get something nice from this fair?

it is on 13th and 14th Dec! on brick lane!

eco deisgn

Launch of A Dark Winter’s Tale

Posted in Uncategorized by iotakemura on December 6, 2008

there is a night of launch party at Popup shop near brick lane on 11th Dec!!! here is the detail

popupshop is a treasure trove filled with delights from around the globe; here we deliver our vision of the perfect Living Room under lights. Discover bespoke treasures, limited edition domestic art and illustrations, one-off jewels, tasty morsels, luxury leather smalls, customised furniture pieces and popupshop’s own branded product, all in unity under the theme of A Dark Winter’s Tale.
Highlights include hand-poured candles in 1940’s crystal ice-buckets, super-sized hand beaded amulets, celosias potted in giant recycled Moroccan tyre pots, antique African masks and floor cushions crafted from 1950’s American patchwork quilts. (See image sheet for visuals; please email for high resolution files)
Because anything that works well once works well twice, many items are sold as pairs, so buyers will also find duplicate Mao figurines, 1960’s hand-blown glass goblets and reclaimed popupshop Danish teak chairs.
In conjunction with East End charity Kids Company, popupshop will also sell a range of ceramic plates, painted by children Kids Company supports, with profits returned to the organisation. Kids Company works to keep disadvantaged and abused children off the streets and runs programmes to further their education. popupshop held a two-day workshop with 100 children, encouraging them to paint their Interpretation of
A Dark Winter’s Tale on reclaimed Old English plates of various sizes. Prices start at £15 (

the address is 14 Bacon Street (just off Brick Lane) E1 6LF


2008 Bust Christmas Craftacular

Posted in sale by iotakemura on December 5, 2008

i have been invited to thsi event. here is the detail:

BUST magazine brings you an all-day, all-night shopping and music extravaganza featuring the nation’s hottest DIY talent. Down some drinks as you learn to craft and listen to DJs while you browse the handmade wares, from jewellery and clothing to home décor and cards. Don’t miss: Learn to Stitch and Knit! // Tatty Devine Craft Clinic! // DJ Sets from Vinyl Vendettas, Golden Silvers, Shellac Sisters and Sheila B! // Goodie bags for the first 100 attendees, raffle and more!

if anyone fancy coming along, it is £2 entry and open noon to Midnight. Sound fun!

20 Phoenix Road, London
Near Euston Station