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LFW: Ashish

Posted in fashion show by iotakemura on February 25, 2009

i was meant to go to other show before the Ashish show, but it got delay so long so i decided to ditch the show and came to Ashisi show!

it was a big venue. and while we are waiting there was dancer on the stage (or more like hanging at the stage). poor this dancer she has to dance until all the guest was seated. it probably took an hour….

and i was right! this was very good show, glad i didnt miss it.

i love and loved v v brown‘s singing. this was first time i have heard her in real life. it was amaging!!!

Ashisi’s clothes was very fun and colourful. lots of playing with objects. loved the trausers with bon bon on the side.




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Posted in editorial, exhibition, fashion show, press, Uncategorized by iotakemura on February 11, 2009

i have known Christopher Raeburn quiet sometime now, it is good to see him getting a lot of press these days. he will be showing his collection at Estetica this coming LFW. he has unique individual style on his collection. i think no one else in ethical fashion has done that sporty / elegant look. his clothes are active and street but yet smart. i love the fact all recycled!!

love his clothes and his personality. it always helps for me to come back to designers, use their stuff again for the shoot.

i have attached some of what i have been shooting with his clothes by end of this blog. i am sure i will come back to him once he has brand new collection!

good luck chris!



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