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LFW: Alexandra Groover

Posted in fashion show by iotakemura on February 26, 2009

i have never heard this brand Alexandra Groover before but since i got the invitation i was quiet keen to see the collection.

it was held at Vauxhall fashion scout. the collection was simple but has almost 30s vintage feeling. it was my cup of tea definetly.

love the big ribbon flare dress!

alex Galex Galex G

LFW: Ashish

Posted in fashion show by iotakemura on February 25, 2009

i was meant to go to other show before the Ashish show, but it got delay so long so i decided to ditch the show and came to Ashisi show!

it was a big venue. and while we are waiting there was dancer on the stage (or more like hanging at the stage). poor this dancer she has to dance until all the guest was seated. it probably took an hour….

and i was right! this was very good show, glad i didnt miss it.

i love and loved v v brown‘s singing. this was first time i have heard her in real life. it was amaging!!!

Ashisi’s clothes was very fun and colourful. lots of playing with objects. loved the trausers with bon bon on the side.




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Fashion show invite

Posted in fashion show by iotakemura on February 17, 2009

my post box is very busy nowadays getting all the invitation for London Fashion Week.

but there is one invite that i just have to blog about.


look at it!!! isnt it gourgeous?? yes i would say so.

Qasimi put lots of effort to make this invite. such a lovely feeling even before seeing their new collection!

i cant wait to go!!

the Lady is a Vamp

Posted in event, fashion show by iotakemura on February 16, 2009

i was invited to go to an ethical fashion show the other day.

it was held at Aveda institute at Holborn. i have never been to this venue before, (just looking at them from outside, thinking very nice!) so it was good to be there too. the designers who were showing at this event were Tammam, Elena Garcia, Stamo, Debbi Little, Mark Liu, Bibico, Ruth Cross, Nancy Dee, Davina Hawthone. shoes was by Beyond Skin and Hatty Rose. i have met few of the designers before so it was nice to see their new collection as well as seeing new designers’s collection.

i would say that it was a ready to wear show, i particularly liked Mark Liu and Davina Hawthone’s new collections. i will defiantly want to use them for my coming shoot again

mark liu

davina hawthorne




Posted in editorial, exhibition, fashion show, press, Uncategorized by iotakemura on February 11, 2009

i have known Christopher Raeburn quiet sometime now, it is good to see him getting a lot of press these days. he will be showing his collection at Estetica this coming LFW. he has unique individual style on his collection. i think no one else in ethical fashion has done that sporty / elegant look. his clothes are active and street but yet smart. i love the fact all recycled!!

love his clothes and his personality. it always helps for me to come back to designers, use their stuff again for the shoot.

i have attached some of what i have been shooting with his clothes by end of this blog. i am sure i will come back to him once he has brand new collection!

good luck chris!



LCF futuring the Fashion show

diva magazine

fashion iotakemuraDiva magazine

BBC Thread

Posted in fashion show, press by iotakemura on November 27, 2008

the fashion show i styled is in now BBC thread. the fashion show was happened in London Colledge of Fashion ‘Fashioning the future

先日スタイリングを担当したファッションショーの記事がbbc thredに載りました。ぜひ見てください。ファッションショーはイギリスのロンドンカレッジオブファッションという大学の主催でおこなわれ、fashionning the futureという題名で20強のエコブランドやエコ企業が参加した合流ファッションショーでした。


clothworkers hall charity event with ethical fashion show

Posted in fashion show by iotakemura on November 26, 2008

dinner tableauction venue

it was nice to be involved in this sort of event. charity auction event that was involved ethical fashion show at clothworker’s hall. all the deisgners and sponsors donated one piece each to rise money for charity. what a nice idea!! the brand who took a part was Junky Styling, From Somewhere, Mark Liu, Dotty K, Anatomy and more…

i was amazed about the venue. very English and very Royal!! i felt lucky to be there. i met few familier faces at the event to work with so i had such a fun! the fashion show was 30 outfits in 15 mins! it was missioned but it went very smooth too.

also there was a dance performance for the night too. they were wearing fabulous outfits. i love the sort of vintage old looking style. i think colour tone is great. Corset made out of a ruler motif and ruler pattern printed on the trousers. almost sheep like joggers,lace bloomers and vintage button detail jackets etc. it was great to see all the pieces there!

dance performerdancers